Document file and format

The submission of a document (dissertation, thesis, scientific publications, etc.) in the digital library is done according to your status. You may be a regular user or a member of the editorial committee. Please refer to one of the categories below depending on your profile.

1. Submission as regular user

You are a regular user of SYNTHESE if your use of the system is limited to consulting the resources available in the different collections. As such, you are not involved in the administration, evaluation, editing of the published content on SYNTHESE.

To submit a resource, you must send it to . Your submission will be evaluated by the editorial committee of SYNTHESE. At the end of this evaluation, you will be notified by e-mail of the acceptance or rejection of the submitted document. Please note that additional information may be required during the evaluation process. Before starting the submission process, make sure the file you wish to submit is on the hard drive of your computer or in a directory on your local network. Then, check if the format of your file is supported by the system.

2. Submission as a member of the editorial committee

You are a member of the editorial board if you participate in one or more tasks of administration, evaluation, revision or edition of the published content. For this purpose, you have two modes of submission in the library :
  • The simplified method : to quickly file a document in the library.
  • The normal or complete method that requires a more complete edition of the resource to be added to the system.
The direct or simplified submission makes it possible to quickly file a document in the library, particularly the resources being evaluated by the editorial committee of SYNTHESE. The document is assigned to a member of the editorial committee who will evaluate it according to the defined evaluation policies. The normal submission requires a more detailed knowledge of the metadata of the resource to be added (collection, subject, editor, etc.). It relates to resources that have passed the evaluation phase of the editorial committee and are pending publication in the digital library. Besides knowing the destination collection, additional steps will allow you to add further information to better identify and describe your document.
Note : Please choose the simplified method if you are unsure of your choice. You can always request assistance from an administrator.

3. Steps to submit a document

Step 1 - Connect
To submit a document in the SYTHÈSE library, you must have a user account and password to log into the system. If you need to create one, follow this link to register. register

Step 2 - Click on the "Upload Document" menu in the menu bar

Step 3 - Select a collection
  • Click the drop-down menu to select a collection in the normal method or select the simplified method according to your needs (see the normal and simplified submission methods section at the top of this page).
  • Click the Next button to continue.
Step 4 - Skip toStep 5 if you chose the simplified method in the previous step.
Answer the initial questions by selecting the criteria that apply to your document.
Check Several titles : If the document has more than one title (a translated title, for example);
Check Published : if the document was published or publicly broadcasted before.

Step 5 - Description of document 1
In this section, you must complete various fields that will describe your document.
  • Simplified deposit method : enter the authors’ names, the main title and the document issue date in the fields provided. Then, click on Next.
  • Normal deposit method : enter the authors’ names, the main title and other titles (if you checked Several titles in step 4) and the date the document was issued.
If you checked Published in Step 4: You can enter optional fields such as :
  • Editor : the editor's name for the previous instance of the document.
  • Quote : a standard reference for the previous instance of the document.
  • Serial number : report number assigned to the document
  • ID Type : and the ID or code numbers associated with the document.
  • Type(s) : the type(s) of document.
  • Language : the language of the text (select Others if the language is not listed or N/A if the document is language-less (a set of data or an image, for example).
- Click on Next to continue.

Step 6 - Description of Document 2
(Please skip to step 7 if you chose the simplified method)
The following fields are optional, but they will provide enhanced visibility to the document.
  • Keywords : Please enter appropriate keywords or expressions pertaining to your document.
  • Abstract : Enter an abstract for the document in this section.
  • Sponsors : Enter the all the sponsors’ names and/or funding codes who contributed to the development of the document.
  • Description : Enter any other description or comment.
- Click on Next to continue.
Step 7 - Upload file(s)
  • Click on Choose File to select the document you wish to submit. The Description field is optional, but it allows to enter a brief description of the file.
  • Click on Upload a file and add another, if you have multiple files to attach and click on Next to continue.

Step 8 - Verification of data to be submitted
In this section, you may check the information to be submitted and make corrections if need be before clicking on Next to continue.
Step 9 - Broadcast license
To allow SYNTHÈSE to reproduce, translate and distribute your document worldwide, you must provide the standard broadcast license by selecting “I grant the license”. Then, clicking on "Finalize submission".

Step 10 - Check if your submission is under review.

Click on the drop-down menu "My personal space" in the menu bar.
Click on"My publications and validation tasks."

You can see on the main page:
  • the list your unfinished submissions;
  • the list of archived submissions;
  • the list of submissions under review.

Finally, you will see your new document in the list of submissions awaiting approval by the review team.